How to create and sell online courses; 4 tips every academician must know

You might be highly skilled and trained in your profession, but it doesn’t bring enough money as you want. So what can you do?

The nicest and coolest thing to do is to start online lecturing. Lecturing online can fetch you enough money as you want to depend on how well you do it.

Most students prefer online courses because it is not rigid and fixed, they can take the lectures when they feel like. This is why online lecturing is a lucrative business.

So why can’t you do it too? What’s stopping you?

Here I will give you five tips to create and sell online course:

  1. Identify your target market. If you are an academician, then your target market has been defined. However, you should not stop at knowing what your target market is interested in, you should also solve a problem with your course, and the more you understand a problem, the better solution you would have. Always take your time to identify your target market and adjust your course accordingly.
  1. Logistics. To create and sell online courses, you need three things:
  • A website
  • A way of organizing and distributing course materials
  • A way to accept payments.

Once you have created a website, go to your site’s software to check for the option that works best the course you want to offer. You can do this using downloadable files accessed through your website. If you feel that is not right for you, you can also use other free tools like YouTube and Google suite.

The option for accepting payments depends on the setup of your website, but since most platforms give you access to plug-ins. To accept payments, you would also need a payment processor like PayPal.

  1. Pricing. Before setting your price, you must make sure that you have considered the time, effort and resources that you put into the course. You must make sure that you know the value of your course before you price. If your course is high in value, then it should be quite high in price.
  1. Differentiation. Lots of people are going online. So if you don’t differentiate you might run into a loss. Before you start offering a product, you should do your research well. That is the only way to gain traction in your business. Content won’t be enough, find a way of engaging and entertaining your students.